See what our customers are saying about our products.

Absolutely wonderful soaps. They lather well and aren’t over-scented for my chemical sensitive nature.

- Myra

I have loved every scent I have tried.

- Tawnya

The orange clove is soooo amazing, and long lasting bars!

- Tami

Absolute favorite soap ever in life.

- Misty

Seriously the best soap I’ve ever tried! And the best I ever smelled too!

- Anna

The calendula & mint is hands down our favorite soap and scent.

- Martina

I love every single product I’ve purchased!

- Mandy

I LOVE your soaps! Everyone I’ve gifted them to loves them as well!!

- Anne

My absolute favourite is the gardenia! I could sniff that soap all day long. Hubby loved the coffee and mint soap best!

- Cher

I love your soaps! The scent lingers long after I’ve used it. Currently I’m using Gardenia and it smells heavenly!

- Janice

I am addicted to your Luxurious Lotion. I have been using it on my face, and it is wonderful.

- Cheri

I absolutely love your soaps, lotions, and liquid soap. I have sensitive skin and 5R Farm products are gentle and non-irritating. They are long-lasting and smell so good. Knowing that they are natural and hand-crafted makes them even better. I don’t buy soap from anywhere else. Thanks 5R farm for making such great products.

- Shana

Oh how I love the 5R Farm Soaps by Stacy! The creaminess of the coconut milk soap is amazing. Also love the various berry and citrus scents. Purchased a soap saver and it really does help prolong the soap life. Thanks Stacy!

- KJ